Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Update on Salt Pile

Just received this email from Michael Curtin, the community liaison for Councilman Brad Lander:

Since our community meeting in February, the problems surrounding the salt pile on the pier have persisted and grown. Not only has the pile nearly tripled in size, but communicating with American Stevedoring has been frustrating. Thanks to all those who contacted our office to keep us informed of the problems and to all of those who tried to get in touch with ASI.

After many attempts by our office, Brad was finally able to get in touch with Matt Yates, our contact there. I spoke to him about these problems and asked for an explanation of the unexpected changes in programming on the pier.

We learned that the timeframe for importing salt was extended considerably into the early spring. According to Matt, operations regarding the salt have stopped for the season. I made it clear to ASI that this failure to communicate was not what we agreed to at our meeting and that continuing to operate the salt pile at its current size and proximity to residence would not be accepted. If operations haven’t stopped or there are continued problems with noise or the pile being uncovered, please let us know.

Brad is working on a letter to American Stevedoring, in which he will request that they move the salt further out on the pier as to minimize its effect on the community in the future. That letter should be sent out this week, and I will e-copy you all on it when it does.

Matt agreed that communication with the community had to improve. As such, I set up a list serve, where Matt, the offices of other elected officials and members of the community can send out updates via e-mail regarding the salt pile. Please look for the invitation to this group in an e-mail to follow. I invite you to continue contacting our office, either directly or via the list serve. And to help our case please provide us with any evidence you may have of the salt’s effect, be it photographs, doctors notes or the salt from your backyard or windshields.

We realize that this is not a total fix, but hope it can make it easier to communicate with one another, and with ASI, on this important issue as it progresses.

To get in touch with Michael about this or any other issue, email mcurtin@council.nyc.gov.

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