Thursday, February 18, 2010

Save Our Buses -- Stop the Cuts

At the urging of the Public Services Committee, CoWNA recently wrote to Councilmember Brad Lander, Assemblywoman Joan Millman and State Senator Daniel Squadron and asked three questions.

Question 1:
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority proposes to eliminate the B71 bus. This is one of only two buses that serve our community, and its loss would be significant. CoWNA thanks you for opposing this proposal. We ask what step you are taking to save the B71.
Question 2:
MTA also proposes to restructured the B61 route. CoWNA worries that this will undermine the service gains from the January 2010 restructuring of the route. We ask what steps you are taking to ensure that any future restructuring does not lead to the return of chronic delays.
Question 3 (for Millman and Squadron only, not Lander):
The State Senate and Assembly let six rider and worker representatives be eliminated from the MTA board. CoWNA believes that with service reductions and layoffs on the table, rider and worker voices need to be heard. We ask what you are doing to return these six representatives to their positions before the board takes action on service cuts and layoffs.
We'll let you know their answers when we receive them.

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