Monday, June 29, 2009

CoWNA voices concerns over Phoenix Beverages move to Piers 7 and 11

As plans for Phoenix Beverages to take over piers 7 and 11 seemed to materialize, CoWNA wrote a letter to the Economic Development Corporation voicing our concerns, which primarily are:
- a speedy conversion of Phoenix' truck fleet to CNG
- truck traffic on local streets
- traffic volume on the BQE ramps
- cold ironing to reduce pollution

To read the letter the CoWNA Executive Committee wrote to the EDC and the EDC's reply, please download CoWNA-EDC.pdf.

Venetia Lannon, VP of the Economic Development Corporation will present their plans for the Atlantic Basin on Wednesday, July 1st, at CoWNA's General meeting held at 7 PM at Jalopy (315 Columbia Street). This is an issue that will impact all of us, please attend.

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