Monday, June 29, 2009

CoWNA Executive Committee supports Squadron's BBP plan

At our General Meeting on Wednesday July 1st, State Senator Squadron's office will present his plans for the future of Brooklyn Bridge Park. The Executive Committee of the Columbia Waterfront Neighborhood Association finds that the Senator's proposal for Brooklyn Bridge Park will benefit the neighborhood in many ways when completed. CoWNA supports the plan for the following reasons:

1. The addition of a bubble for year round ball fields/courts, a pool and an ice rink would get significant additional use out of the Brooklyn Bridge Park than the current proposal while only increasing costs by a small amount. Improved recreational and cultural facilities will also increase the appeal of our neighborhood and help create new business opportunities.

2. A ferry landing at Pier 6 would connect the southern end of the park to the rest of New York harbor using a mode of transportation that impacts the environment less than cars or buses. The increasing population of Brooklyn will also benefit from having more options than subway, bus or car for commuting or other travel between the boroughs of New York City.

3. We find housing in a public park undesirable. We therefore believe that PIRC is a better way of financing the maintenance of the park. Senator Squadron’s plan proposes keeping One Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Pier 1 Hotel, so the amount of money needed to fill the operations and maintenance budget is only about $7.5 Mio/year, which is an achievable amount, considering the potential for rezoning in the .4 mile radius he proposes. PIRC is neither a new tax nor an increase of current taxation, rather it redirects a % of property tax revenue increases on rezoned areas and properties to finance the Park’s operations.

We would like to know, how our neighbor's feel about this plan. Please attend Wednesday's presentation (7 PM Jalopy, 315 Columbia Street).


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