Thursday, May 14, 2009

NYCDOT Focus Group members needed to gauge public transportation needs‏

Since many of us live according to the whims of the B61 and B71, it may be of interest that the Downtown Brooklyn Surface Transit Circulation Study of the NYCDOT is looking for participants in focus groups to better gauge the public transportation needs of our neighborhood:

"The Downtown Brooklyn Surface Transit Circulation Study Project Team is asking for your support in identifying potential participants for an upcoming series of focus groups. As mentioned at the first stakeholder meeting, these focus groups will help the Project Team to identify and profile the distinct travel experiences, perceptions, expectations, and preferences of the community. The focus groups will provide direct feedback on a number of travel issues including:

  • levels and patterns of transit use and assessment of services
  • key origins and destinations within the study area
  • locations served and unserved by transit
  • span of service and service frequencies of transit services
  • walking conditions along routes to transit stops and at transit stops
  • walking conditions along routes unserved by transit

The participants will be organized into two groups: 1) Residents and Community groups, and 2) Business Owners/Managers and Employees. These groupings will best represent the residential and commercial standpoints on existing surface transit in Downtown Brooklyn".

Contact Frederick Fooy (publicservices [ a t ] if you'd like to participate.

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