Thursday, May 14, 2009

Kayaking in Red Hook

This just in from the Red Hook Boaters:

Ahoy Friends and Neighbors,

This Saturday, from 12-5pm is your first chance to Kayak around Valentino Pier this season and to help the Red Hook Boaters paint the new Kayak Shack at the end of Coffey Street. This event is part of the It's my Park Day with Parks and Recreation and other organizations, including Portside NY who will be helping a hand so it's a great opportunity to get involved. Wear a bathing suit, or shorts and a T-Shirt, sunscreen and bring water to drink. see:

The Boaters are also open on Sunday (5/17 from 1-5pm) but before or after you kayak, see Budd Schulberg's Iconic Play "On the Waterfront" aboard the Waterfront Museum across from Fairway. Say "the Gowanus Dredgers sent me" and an extra $5 contribution will be made to support the museum (in addition to your ticket purchase). The museum will be traveling soon so this is your last chance to see an event before their departure! see:

In June, the Museum returns with an unusual crew of CircuSundays performers and you are encouraged to purchase tickets ASAP before they sell out! Of course, there will be Red Hook Kayaking every Sunday in June so be sure to get on the water! see:

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