Thursday, April 30, 2009

Waterfront Uses Report - 2005

"Road salt is needed to keep City streets safe and accessible during winter snowstorms but these salt piles do not need to be sited along New York City’s waterfront! Although the City has committed to move or containerize some of these salt piles progress has been slow or nonexistent. For instance, the Harlem River salt pile is scheduled to move in 2006 but despite community opposition to the South St. salt pile in lower Manhattan DOT remains uncommitted to a scheduled move. In addition to being a poor use of the waterfront, road salt may be harmful to the environment. According to the non-profit Riverkeeper, road salt typically contains sodium ferrocyanide and a variety of chlorides, which can break down into cyanide and negatively charged chloride ions that are harmful to wildlife, vegetation and aquatic organisms."

-Waterfront Wastes and Opportunities 2005, By Council Member David Yassky

So far Councilmember Yassky, who is running for the office of New York City Comptroller this year, has been publicly silent on the topic of the Columbia/Kane salt pile.

Mike Webster

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