Saturday, November 26, 2011

DOT OK's Signal at Summit & Columbia

The Department of Transportation notified Community Board 6 of their determination that a signal is appropriate at the intersection of Columbia Street and Summit Street as a result of the change in traffic patterns due to the work on Van Brunt.

This letter is to inform you that we have determined that the intersection of Columbia Street and Summit Street has met our criteria for signalization under the existing traffic conditions created by the DDC Columbia Street Reconstruction Project's Maintenance and Protection of Traffic (MPT), which includes a reversal of Summit Street between Van Brunt Street and Columbia Street, resulting in additional traffic entering the intersection in question.  The signalization study was undertaken in response to community requests.

We have asked the DDC contractor to implement a temporary traffic signal according to our standards at this intersection and to maintain it for the duration of the project MPT.  Please note that we have also instructed them to remove the signal once the MPT is removed and Summit Street is restored to its original westbound direction.  We would appreciate your assistance in communicating to the community the temporary nature of the installation.

Hopefully, we'll see that signal installed soon.  It is important to note that the signal will be temporary. However, it is gratifying that DOT has finally acknowledged the importance of traffic control along this overloaded route through our community. Next we just have to get the police to enforce the truck route regulations.


  1. This is not positive news. 4-way stop signs have a far lower accident, and more importantly, fatality rate than stop lights. Lets hope that this helps them finish Van Brunt Street quickly before someone is killed by a speeding car trying to make the light.

  2. Someone was killed there this summer! I live on Summit Street and have been complaining for YEARS about cars speeding up our street, the wrong way, because of the reconstruction's trafffic reversal. Cars do not see the stop signs on Columbia, and blow through them all the time. It is really really dangerous, and its hard to imagine that a temporary traffic light would be more dangerous.