Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Red Hook Street Car Study: Interim Reports Available

The consultants for the Red Hook Street Car Feasibility Study have released two interim reports:

Case studies of  street car systems in Portland, Seattle and Philadelphia is a detailed look at how these cities have implemented new systems into existing cities.  The section on Portland includes terrific detail including photos of how the rails were constructed, bicycle coordination issues, handicapped accessibility and graphs of ridership.

The existing conditions report is a must-read document for the level of detail it goes into regarding Red Hook.  The report covers land use, demographics, public policy affecting the neighborhood and includes a wealth of illustrations and tables.  It is a fascinating overview of the neighborhood.

The consultants have identified potential routes (which includes Columbia Street within the Waterfront) and are now working on evaluating their feasibility.  Next steps will include cost estimating and evaluating constructibility issues.  Their findings will be presented in a public meeting to be held sometime early 2011.

If you are new to this subject, please visit the DOT Street Car website here for a general overview of the Study.

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  1. New Flash April 20, 2011- City DOT has SCUTTLED the Red Hook streetcar plan- AGAIN, the first time was in 2002.

    There are some major facts about streetcar projects that NYC DOT doesn't want you to know:

    What this "massaged" report doesn't say, is that while it costs $41 per hour to run a streetcar, it costs NYCT $160 per hour to operate a bus. What the report doesn't tell you, is that according to URS's own experience in Portland, OR, it really costs $12 million per mile to build the streetcar line, not $26 million per mile as URS now claims. What DOT DID SAY in an email last Dec, is that URS and DOT project a 43% increase in Transit Demand in Red Hook. Another thing they don't want you to know, is a new streetcar costs about $800,000. DOT wants you to think its over $7 million per car...

    Finally, the ultimate key fact that DOT doesn't want you to know, is that a 2 mile start up line could be built for under $33 million, with $25 million coming from a special FTA grant for new streetcar projects, called a "TIGER Grant".

    Dont believe me though, read what the prestigious American Public Transit Association (APTA) has to say of the TRUE costs of a new streetcar line here: