Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Explosions" in Columbia Waterfront

Did you hear the loud explosion-like sounds in the neighborhood yesterday? Deputy Inspector Kenneth Corey, from the 76th Precinct, emailed an explanation (h/t Craig Hammerman, CB6):
During the past several hours, several "booming" noises have been heard throughout Carroll Gardens and parts of Red Hook. We have heard them here in the station house as well. Obviously, this has concerned many residents of the area, as 911 and the precinct switchboard quickly became inundated with callers reporting explosions, fireworks and gunshots. We have been informed that the booming noises are caused by the electrical transformers, something to do with the heat and the demand for power. We have surveyed the precinct along with the Fire Department. None of the transformers or manholes have actually "exploded," or gone on fire, and there are no reports of power outages within the precinct, and the noises heard are definitely not caused by gunshots or fireworks.

We will continue to respond to all calls for service. At this time, there is no cause for alarm. This is an issue with the Con-Ed transformers, and not a criminal or other sinister act.

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