Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lead paint removal on BQE bridges

The green tanks-in-shacks on the BQE overpasses between Cobble Hill and the Columbia Waterfront have been noted by many neighbors on both sides of the BQE. The tanks are indeed hazardous waste containers for the lead-based paint that is removed by sandblasting and subsequent vacuuming. Work will be done at night, and it does generate some noise. Air quality is to be continually monitored. Nevertheless, there have been complaints about lingering clouds of dust. Please do call 311 to report dust clouds or any other potential hazardous effects of the work on the bridges, and do also leave a comment on the CoWNA website so that we can gauge the spread of any problems.

More details can be found at the Word on Columbia Street, Brownstoner, Lost City, The New York Times, and finally the Department of Transportation

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