Saturday, March 24, 2007

Anyone else get called by a polling agency called OTR?

I just answered a call from someone identifying himself as from "OTR". I'd never heard of them, but they seem to be some kind of opinion research group. (I thought he said OPR, but he said OTR.)
After a few obligatory "are things in Brooklyn moving in the right direction of have they gotten off on the wrong track" type questions, he asked me several questions about what he called the "Red Hook Waterfront Redevelopment Plan". Asked me how much I knew about it, whether I was for or against it, what I thought was best about it, what I thought was worst about it.
His last "set" of questions was something like "I'm going to name some people and organizations and ask you to rate them based on how much you trust them--quite a bit, more or less, a little bit or not at all." I said OK and his first group was "Economic Development Council". I said "not at all". He said "That's all my questions."
I'm guessing he would have had a longer script for me if I stated a more favorable opinion on the EDC.
Anyway, I wanted to share my experience and put others on the lookout for EDC pollsters.