Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Emergency BQE Repairs: Expect Jams on Columbia

Thanks to Belinda Cape at Dan Squadron's office forwarding this information:

Due to emergency repair work on the cantilever section of the BQE, one of the eastbound (northerly direction) lanes is shut down. Repairs are scheduled to start tomorrow and may take a few days.

While work is in progress, the ramp from Atlantic Avenue will be closed. Furman Street will be opened to 2-way traffic and traffic agents will be on hand to help direct traffic over the temporary route.

Expect heavy congestion due to this and increased traffic on Hicks and Columbia Streets. Exercise additional caution when biking or walking in the area.

Friday, August 26, 2011


We have received emails from our local representatives regarding preparedness for the approaching storm. You can view information on their websites.

Thanks to Daniel Squadron's office for sending out links to the Office of Emergency Management severe weather site and a link to NYC's Hurricane Guide.  You can also find information on his website.

Brad Lander's office has set up a very informative web page here.  It contains an evacuation zone map as well as detailed information about evacuation centers and planning for the storm.
We've found the city's OEM website 'evacuation zone finder' to be extremely slow in response.  Lander's map is better and a good evacuation zone map is posted by WNYC.

Another essential site for authoritative information is the NOAA.  Their Hurricane Irene website is heaven for data geeks.  See probability maps for winds and storm surge there, but please follow directives issued by the local authorities.